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Meet CeCe

CeCe is the founder of What's Good USA. Her passion to spread Good news started in 2003 when she worked at a major television news station. CeCe would leave work everyday bothered because seemingly only negative news was continously being highlighted. She thought her passion for spreading good news had ended when she left the news station in 2005, however, on December 14, 2012 the burning passion to spread Good news was reignited as a result of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. 

"....this is when I knew I had to follow my passion and 3 months later What's Good USA was born. It brings me great joy to find and help spread Good news. A little Good news can help to restore the good in all mankind."


Meet Apollo

Apollo is the co-founder of What's Good USA. He shares the same passion as CeCe when it comes to spreading Good news. What's Good USA is a simple concept. We highlight "Good People Doing Good Things" to help balance out the bad news we so often hear and see on a daily basis.

".... I believe it's the little things that makes the biggest difference in others lives. What's Good USA is our gift to the world as a memorial to the victims of this horrible tragedy and is also a way for people to believe in America again. "


Early Graduation for One Deserving Texas High School Senior

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - Lynzee Ford wears a brave face. She was diagnosed with leukemia in January, and has undergone five rounds of chemotherapy, but doctors tell her in spite of all that, she doesn't have long to live.

Lynzee is a Kilgore High School student and was involved in athletics there. When her friends heard she may not live to graduate, they decided they would just move her graduation to October.

It had all the pomp and circumstance of any high school graduation, but only one received a diploma: Lynzee Ford. The entire student body was there for Lynzee.

Kathy Mehringer is a teacher and assistant coach at Kilgore High school, and has watched Lynzee grow up. “It's a culmination of kindergarten through twelve years of education for her, and a life of memories with her and her classmates. Lynzee is one of the strongest people I know, and she's taught us a lot about family and fighting and never giving up,” Kathy said.

Her friends and Kilgore ISD administration made sure that this graduation was the real thing for the soft-spoken 17-year-old senior. Kilgore High school Principal Gregg Brown was honored to be keynote speaker.

“Lynzee is a very special young lady here at Kilgore High School and is loved by us all, and she wanted to graduate from here and we wanted to make sure that happened,” Gregg stated.

Lynzee's friends shared stories of time spent together, and her mother, Valerie Warren, also had a chance to tell everyone how special Lynzee is, and to do some public mothering.

“Momma still loves you, but you're grown and you're going to have to get a job,” Valerie said.

During the ceremony Kathy Mehringer said she and Lynzee got a chance to talk one day after softball practice while waiting for Lynzee's mom, and Kathy learned more about Lynzee and her relationship with her family. Kathy knew then what a wonderful person Lynzee is and how family means everything to her.

“That day you became the teacher and I became the student, and you showed me what it's like to have family and to have dreams. And this is your day, this is an awesome day: your graduation day. I love you,” Kathy revealed.

Lynzee's friends decided she had to be able to attend her prom, so they're moving that up for her, too. Lynzee will attend her prom in November.

Kilgore residents organized and fixed up Lynzees mother's home, making it wheelchair friendly. Also, a fund has been set up to help Lynzee and her family with medical expenses.

Courtesy of  www.wric.com