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"Good People Doing Good Things"

Meet CeCe

CeCe is the founder of What's Good USA. Her passion to spread Good news started in 2003 when she worked at a major television news station. CeCe would leave work everyday bothered because seemingly only negative news was continously being highlighted. She thought her passion for spreading good news had ended when she left the news station in 2005, however, on December 14, 2012 the burning passion to spread Good news was reignited as a result of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. 

"....this is when I knew I had to follow my passion and 3 months later What's Good USA was born. It brings me great joy to find and help spread Good news. A little Good news can help to restore the good in all mankind."


Meet Apollo

Apollo is the co-founder of What's Good USA. He shares the same passion as CeCe when it comes to spreading Good news. What's Good USA is a simple concept. We highlight "Good People Doing Good Things" to help balance out the bad news we so often hear and see on a daily basis.

".... I believe it's the little things that makes the biggest difference in others lives. What's Good USA is our gift to the world as a memorial to the victims of this horrible tragedy and is also a way for people to believe in America again. "


Good Samaritan Saves Store Clerk from Choking

DONNA - A woman is thankful to be alive after nearly choking to death at a gas station in Donna.

Nora Martinez said a customer at the store save her life.

Martinez works at the Stripes Store.

"I was eating a piece of chicken ... and I started choking on the chicken. I couldn't breathe, couldn't talk," Martinez said.

"One of my co-workers tried to do the Heimlich on me, but I guess I just passed out," she said.

Martinez laid on the floor in the back of the store. She was struggling to stay alive.

Virginia Zuniga was in the parking lot.

"My sister's like, ‘hurry up, your friend needs you, the manager needs you, come on,'" Zuniga said.

Zuniga said she shops at the store every day.

Zuniga said Martinez face was quickly turning blue.

"I was certainly panicked. I was afraid for her life. I didn't want anything to happen to her," she said.

Zuniga said she wasn't sure what to do until she remembered she knew the Heimlich maneuver.

"I went and I laid her back, and I did the thrust movement. ... I did it a couple of times and then finally she turned around and started hacking ... expelling whatever she had lodged in her throat," Zuniga said.

Martinez started breathing again. Paramedics arrived and took her to Knapp Medical Center in Weslaco. Zuniga followed behind.

"I love her. I don't know who she is but I love her. I appreciate what she did for me because of my kids, my family," Martinez said.

Martinez has seven children. One is serving our country in Iraq and another in Afghanistan. She says that was the only thing on her mind while she was choking.

"I just did what anybody should do. I'm just happy that I was there," Zuniga said. Zuniga credits her heroic moment to her first aid training. Martinez is more than thankful for the quick actions and the stranger who saved her life.

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