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"Good People Doing Good Things"

Meet CeCe

CeCe is the founder of What's Good USA. Her passion to spread Good news started in 2003 when she worked at a major television news station. CeCe would leave work everyday bothered because seemingly only negative news was continously being highlighted. She thought her passion for spreading good news had ended when she left the news station in 2005, however, on December 14, 2012 the burning passion to spread Good news was reignited as a result of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. 

"....this is when I knew I had to follow my passion and 3 months later What's Good USA was born. It brings me great joy to find and help spread Good news. A little Good news can help to restore the good in all mankind."


Meet Apollo

Apollo is the co-founder of What's Good USA. He shares the same passion as CeCe when it comes to spreading Good news. What's Good USA is a simple concept. We highlight "Good People Doing Good Things" to help balance out the bad news we so often hear and see on a daily basis.

".... I believe it's the little things that makes the biggest difference in others lives. What's Good USA is our gift to the world as a memorial to the victims of this horrible tragedy and is also a way for people to believe in America again. "


Cancer survivor gets to see 'One Direction' thanks to stranger's kindness

PHOENIX (CBS5) - There is a British invasion in the Valley; popular band One Direction is in concert in Glendale. For one very deserving little girl, Tuesday night's concert is a memory she'll hold onto forever, thanks to the kindness of someone she's never even met.

For 12-year-old Estefania Canales, One Direction's music isn't just catchy.

"I like their singing and just that they're really cute," Canales said.

It's also the best medicine. Canales was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in May and has endured months of chemotherapy.

"You get really nauseous and you throw up a lot and you need to go to checkups all the time," Canales said.

The great news is Estefania is now in remission. But as her classmates talked about seeing the British pop group, she knew her family couldn't afford the hottest tickets in town.

"I wanted to go too, and it's not fair they get to go and not me," Canales said.

Then late last week, CBS 5 News received a call. A woman in Albuquerque had two tickets to the sold-out Phoenix show and couldn't go. One of our assignment editors made a couple of calls.

"Even when she felt sick she would come in smiling," said Phoenix Children's Hospital nurse Sharon Denny. Canales and her infectious laugh made quite the impact on the folks at the hospital. So when they heard from us here at the station, they knew just the girl to call.

"She just finished treatment so what a way to finish treatment than to go to a concert you absolutely want to go to," Denny said.

"To see that smile, that just meant the world to me,' said Amanda Jaramillo, the donor in New Mexico. She saw a picture of Canales holding her tickets on the hospital's Facebook page . "I saw the picture and I just started crying, that was an amazing."

Jaramillo said her mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer, and after seeing the toll it can take, she's thrilled someone so deserving made such good use of her gift.

"Thank you, thank you for giving me those tickets," Canales said.

Courtesy of  www.kpho.com